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What to Look for in Your Next Car Rental Company

Choosing a car rental company might not seem like a big decision, but when it comes to ensuring your vacation runs smoothly and stress-free, quite frankly—it should be. From affordability to loyalty program options, there’s a lot you could be enjoying with your rental, and you should be getting the most out of your car rental experience as possible.

So while you’re considering your options, here are just a few things to look for before deciding on any one provider:

  • Affordable Rates (Without Hidden Fees) – This is an important quality to look for. Most people know that there may be some small fees here and there when renting a vehicle, but some rental car companies tack on tons of added fees and extra costs after advertising their cars at seemingly low rates. With companies like E-Z Rent-A-Car, you can rest assured that these bait-and-switch tactics won’t be a part of the deal, and you’ll drive away with a vehicle that’s priced at an affordable rate that fits your budget.
  • A Loyalty Program – Whether the company is a household name or a smaller-scale business, offering a loyalty program of some sort shows customers that they are valued. Rewards can include anything from discounted rates and special offers, to faster pickup and more. Ultimately, the program should recognize the importance of your dedication to the brand and honor it by giving back.
  • Added Extras – In addition to all of the above, the rental car company of your choosing should also offer a few added extras to ensure you have the best trip possible. For instance, providing special coupons or discounts helps add to having a great experience while vacationing. Or, the rental car company might also provide helpful tips, travel hacks or product suggestions through an online blog or email subscription.

So while you’re deciding on where to rent a vehicle for your upcoming vacation, consider these few qualities first.